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Slave public naked exhibition on a beach

Heavily indebted Japanese husband is forced to auction his wife off to the gangsters and their clients. In this scene the wife is introduced nude the buyers and embarrassingly has to strip naked in front of a group of clothed mafiosi and perform various humiliating things they ask of her. Slave reading Man chooses one out of four naked captives and subjects her to a rather harsh treatment. Humiliated and embarrassed naked girls are offhandedly evaluated and groped before being sold. CMNFENFforced exhibitionismforced nudityfrom movieshumiliationonly one nakedslave auctionsubmissivevideos.

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The full version of the movie 1: English language with Dutch subtitles. The full version of the movie is available here. All three scenes portray nude stages of slave trading in the 16th century: Rate this homely dirty pussy Slave rating 3.

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