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Short curvy women

Are you short and curvy and struggling with what to wear?


Or do you fancy a bit of a change up to your usual wardrobe but not sure what else works with your frame? Fuck on balcony have all the best style curvy on how women dress when you are short and curvy and look amazing every time you step out the door.

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When you are short and curvy, paying a little attention to what clothes you buy and how you dress, can have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance. Shirts, for example, could look too long when you are short or too bulky if you have a round tummy.

Fashion Dos and Don'ts for the Short, Curvy Woman

By tucking them in you reduce the length and draw in the clothing at the waist to reduce the bulky look. It is altogether a much more attractive way to wear a shirt short you are short and curvy.


If you like your top untucked, go for a singlet or vest with a fitted shape. Another super simple, and super affordable tip is to wear a belt. Whether it is with a dress, blouse and jeans, or tee and shorts; a belt will elongate the two halves and draw your waist in. It is so simple you probably do not believe the impact it can have, but we encourage you to try it out.