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Shopping naked men

Video at a Vermont coffee shop caught an unexpected shopping when a completely naked man from Pennsylvania entered the store to purchase some coffee.

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It's not illegal to be naked in public and the cashier stayed calm, directing him to the coffee and where he could go swimming. A Amrita rao sexs man showed a little too much of himself at a Vermont shop on Friday, when he walked in completely naked and bought a cup of joe.

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The bizarre incident naked at Bring You Vermont, a general store in the small town of Bennington. Hassett has released security footage showing the naked middle-aged man buying a coffee and hanging out to chat with the cashier before strolling out with his cup of coffee in hand. But he quickly takes them off when he starts talking to the cashier to ask her if the store sells coffee.

WATCH: Naked Man Goes Shopping At A NH Walmart

Men man pours himself a coffee, then returns to the counter to pay for it. He appeared to be carrying a wallet in one hand, as he obviously did not have pockets.

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The town is in the southwestern part of Vermont, near a national forest. More Weekly Flyers. Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first.