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Sheila hershey topless

Huge-breasted model, 31, walks away from horror crash after 38KKK chest acts as airbag

A model who held the record for tatiana thumbtzen desnuda world's largest implants has had them boosted once more after losing her 38MMM breasts to a life-threatening infection. Shockingly, despite saying her new implants make her feel 'almost whole again', the year-old mother is still not satisfied, insisting her massively inflated breasts are 'small'.

Sheyla Hershey, from Houston, Texas, topless the extreme breast topless operation in an attempt to regain the staggering 38KKK cup size she had before the removal of her breasts. Sheyla Hershey has reinflated her breasts to a size 38KKK after having her previous implants removed following a life-threatening blood infection.

Sheyla Hershey's joy at having world's largest breast implants 'reinflated' after death scare

An infection that hershey in after her 30th breast enlargement operation led to 5ft 3in Sheyla undergoing emergency operation in June that left with unattractive sagging skin where her implants had been.

So obsessed was Sheyla with maintaining her Guinness World Record that the loss of her implants almost drove her to suicide.

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I felt like I had lost a leg. The year-old, who had the operation in secret to prevent her concerned husband from finding out, says sheila is elated with the results. I never thought I would have my breasts back again,' hershey said. Sheyla ignored the wishes of doctors, psychiatrists and her husband Derek - all of whom feared the trauma of yet more onlayen porno kanal could cause a return of the infection - and organised a tour of cosmetic surgery practitioners in Latin America in September.

Sheyla, 31, says she felt like she had lost a limb when sheila implants were removed.


My breasts fill my self-esteem,' she says.