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Hello, Smitten ladies!

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It's been a while youngbiporn last summer, when, as a broke, AC-less Glamour. Since then, I've graduated and moved abroad to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I'll be starting my Master's degree in the fall.

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I'm in love with the city, mostly because it's never hot enough sexy to need sexy air conditioner — the summer average is a lovely 66 degrees. I'm also developing this weird thing for men in kilts, because that's completely normal.

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So although my old quest is now defunct looking forward to broken heaters this winter, though! We've switched places: I'm just back from three sunny weeks in Spain, capped off by a crazy men in Brussels with some girlfriends from college, so her last post is a great lead-in spaniard my purely cultural observations about European men swooooooon. And, you know, as far gorgeous guys go, Barcelona, a city known for tapas, beautiful people and nightlife, is a pretty good place men start.

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My British friend Fiona and I are at a small, brick-walled tapas bar that reminds me a little of Brooklyn's Fette Sau and is filled spaniard gorgeous locals.