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Sexy pranks hidden

For April Fools' Dayall of the ABC Wednesday comedies pulled a sexy by featuring some hidden jokes pranks each sicking lose cock the night's episodes.

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If you paid close attention, you might've caught the secret jokes in The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family and black-ish. Watch this video to see all the April Fools' secrets revealed:.

Funny Russian Shower Prank Candid Camera

Normally, you'd hear the caw of a crow during the title sequence. The side of the school bus is misspelled as "Orsen" instead of "Orson.

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That person is Barry Goldberg Troy Gentile from The Goldbergswho looks exactly the same as he did way back in the '80s:. The Goldbergs: Is he suddenly a fan of the Calgary Flames?

Sexy Pranks Just For Laughs Gags | Best Just For Laugh Gags Ever Show HD - Fool Prank

His shirt switches back to the Philly Flyers in the same scene. Who's the guy in the Phillies jersey in the middle of the bottom row? Normally, the painting by the front door depicts someone wearing flip-flops, but the shoes change to one of three different styles in various scenes:. In the opening, an Easter basket appears in Dre's closet. In Act 1, there's an Easter basket on the office table.