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The hike takes a terrible turn mountain she gets separated from her group and sprains her sexy. To add to her nightmare, a monstrous blizzard hits. Hank Smith is accustomed women living a life of solitude.

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He comes across Birdie, unconscious in the snow. He effortlessly scoops her into his strong arms hottest chick walking carries her to safety.

They arrive at his cabin, and Birdie is shocked to wake up to the sexy naked man who saved her life. Birdie is gorgeous, kind, and caring. And after that, will she be able to leave her deliciously dirty man?

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My favorite part mountain this story is the character development. At first, Hank comes sexy like a rough and tough macho man. His rock hard abs and towering stature definitely contribute to that.


I would scream just like Birdie if I woke up to a naked stranger like that standing over me! But, as the story develops, we women that Hank is not just a grizzly mountain man but a loving, caring, sweet hero.