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Sexy hypnotist

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Sexy Hypnotist

It has been said that the most sexual part of the body is the brain. Of course, everyone who said this was forgetting about the genitals, but the mind -- sure, that does some sexy things, too.

Actually, there's a whole category of sex work that involves very little crotch-to-crotch contact, instead focusing on hypnosis to float your perfectly adequate boat.

Sexy talked to one of these erotic hypnotists, and he told us As a skeptical 21st-century person, there's a good chance you don't believe in hypnotism.

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You've seen the shows -- hypnotist magician snaps his fingers, people instantly fall asleep, then wake up thinking they're a chicken -- and sexy know this is fake: Nazareth College. But hypnosis is a real thing.

HypnosisFetish - Erotic Hypnosis Videos - Sexy Hypnotized Girls with Aaron Glotfelter

It is used by actual doctors. It doesn't make you think you're hilarious poultry, but it does calm you down, to the point hypnotist you're better able to focus on individual ideas, and are more open to suggestion.

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Hypnosis is used to treat anxiety, some physical pains, and varied ailments like hot flashes and irritable bowel syndrome.