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And sure, Gisele, Adriana, Alessandra need we brazilians on?

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Echoes of their honed, toned, Amazonian curves glide along the Ipanema shoreline, as commonplace as drunken hen parties in Blackpool. Vanity is not a girls thing here.

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So while we might not be ready to embrace their barely there swimwear preferences, their health and fitness secrets are another matter. Come on, ladies, spill the black beans Secretcameraupskirt the curves are there to stay — and the motivation is to make sexy as toned as possible.

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Cue a healthy gym habit. In a country where the boom-boom bum is queen, there are entire sections devoted to butt toning.

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Kickback machines, which work the glutes, are one of the most popular pieces of kit and women feel perfectly at home in the weights room. Meal times are an event in Brazil.


Wolfing down a sarnie while one-handedly tackling an Excel spreadsheet? The lunch hour is a basic human right and often the main meal of the day.

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The climate means fruit and vegetables are plentiful and cheap.