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Sexuality in lebanon

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By Tanya Maalouf. Talking about sex with your parents is awkward for anyone, but with Lebanese parents, talking about sex isn't even on the table.

That is, except for lies that they pass on to "preserve our culture".


So, if you've grown up with Lebanese parents, you'll recognize the lies that have infiltrated into our culture. Making babies doesn't involve sex Whether you were told that it was determination that had god send them a longed for baby, or about seeds that get planted in your mum's stomach, it was anything but sex that made babies.

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Virginity is a thing Hymens lebanon work like that. Virginity is a sexuality construct.

Lebanese society - Wikipedia

Nude spanish girl amount of people who still believe this is appalling to be honest. Masturbating makes you a demon What is the obsession with people touching their own damn selves? Periods are cause for a secret party Your aunts, both grandmothers, and all your mum's friends and neighbours will learn that you just lebanon to get your period, and you'll get secret whispered congratulations from people you don't know for the first year of your period.

It was never that serious, your body just does that. People talk sexuality girls If you are seen entering a man's apartment or wearing a shirt that the local neswen el foron don't approve of will make you a whore.

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