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They own your image. When Stephanie dropped this sage wisdom back insmartphones were just beginning their meteoric rise. Soon, many women would mom perfectly comfortable sending sexually charged boobs pics to their partners Who could have predicted, in those innocent college years, an era where the whole world would bear witness to naughty selfies of Kim Kardashian 's famous backside, or of A-list celebrity pictures being leaked to the masses?

As for me?

43 Intensely Sexy Text Messages To Keep Sexting Red Hot

I can't take part. Not any more. Because for a long time, I was a sexting addict. And it all began with me being a heartless succubus.

I Was Addicted to Sexting | HuffPost

But it was more than that which drew me to him: He was also intelligent and charmingly socially awkward. I was smitten. Soon, Jack ended our sexting, but he quickly regretted it.