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He orgasmed and described it to me.

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I told him I was nearing orgasm, too, then checked my email. After a couple minutes sorting spam: But we first heard about sexts, freeasiangirlsexvideo to a decade ago, only in the context amateur misbehaving teens. Who else could be desperately horny enough to channel sexual energy into a medium so glib, a sexual behavior so pathetically chaste as to fall in the hierarchy of sex acts somewhere below dry humping? Most of us, it turns out: In a study from McAfeemore than half of those surveyed—and 70 percent of toyear-olds—have hottie sexually explicit texts, videos, or pictures.

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That sounds pretty bleak: Of course, sex has always been something of a performance. But as amateur porn floods into our lives—and our lives sexting into amateur porn—the difference between earnest pleasure and enthusiastic fakery is increasingly difficult to discern.

Sexting is low-commitment, mobile, and so easy to fake that it could be considered an out-of-body erotic experience. This makes it the most flexible of sex acts, and the built-in dissociation might actually be the whole point: