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Sexiest female snowboarders

When snowboarders comes to hot chicks that also happen to be athletes, one has a lot to choose from.

Famous Female Snowboarders | List of Top Female Snowboarders

You have the incredible bodies of track and female athletes, the ridiculous butts that it seems all female volleyball players have, and of course we can't forget female surfers, who have that incredible combination of being totally hot and also being totally cool, that just about all of us snowboarders desire.

But there is one type of female athlete that has that combination of sexiest totally sexy and female cool even better than the surfer, and that of course is the female israeli nude yoga. I mean come on, anyone can be all cool and sexy when they are wearing a bikini, all sun tanned and riding a wave.

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These chicks go out and do it when it is cold outside. They are wearing hats and mittens for crying out loud. They are the real deal, gorgeous women who love their sport, and look amazing, even with a small amount of frostbite.

Hottest girls in snowsports

So let's check them out, shall we? Since this is about how good looking all of these ladies are, we attempted to find some photos of them where they are not all bundled up in snow parkas and wearing mittens, although let's face it, girls in mittens are cute. Especially if they are wearing nothing else.

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These chicks are way better than hot cocoa and a sexiest fire could ever be. Here are 15 hot female snowboarders to warm you up when it is cold outside.

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