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Apr 20, 1. Jan 7, Messages: Miami, FL. Hello, If I am using off camera flashes what is the ideal amount of flashes for an indoor photoshoot glamour photography?

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Apr 20, 2. Dec sexibl, Messages: Edmonton Can others edit my Photos: Ideal amount? I've seen 'behind the scenes' photos from a Playboy shoot were they king something like sexibl lights on a scene with a single model.

However, most europa teen xxx that King talked to, prefer to use as few lights as possible. There is no wrong or right way to do it, this is 'Art' after all.

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For a simple portrait shoot, I might light to have three or four light sources. If you haven't yet, read through some of the very many insightful posts on The Strobist blog. It think it shows many ways to get creative with only one light.