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FA sex abuse inquiry: Delay in independent review

One of the features of Friedreich's Ataxia is that the way it affects individuals varies enormously. No two people are the same, which is true of siblings as well as unrelated individuals. However, there are still quite a lot of similarities in the way that people are affected and there are various clues to look for with regard to dangers to avoid.

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Many of the symptoms suffered by a FAer are treatable medically, even though the root cause may remain uncheckable. The recent advances in knowledge of the disease offer hope for therapeutic advances in the future.

In this leaflet we wish to give a recently diagnosed FAer the benefit of knowing what may occur and of being forewarned, in the knowledge that an enjoyable existence can comfortably be maintained, despite suffering the constraints of the condition. It is better to stay in mainstream education if possible, rather sex attend a 'special' school, where there is less expectation of sex students going on to seek a with job, even if employment does not become a reality.

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As more jobs are lost to new technology, the job market becomes ever more competitive, and a disabled person faces tremendous odds and may not realise the goal of finding employment. Education, therefore, should not be seen as a 'means to an end', but indeed can be an end in itself, giving as much satisfaction in the learning process as can be gained by doing a job, the main difference being that students will never receive the same financial with that goes to the worker.

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Hopefully modern society will be able to compensate for that loss. Independent living does not mean the ability to look after and maintain one's place in the community unaided, but rather to be in control of your own situation.

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There are many independent living schemes a person teen lilly oral take advantage of. Obviously the financing of such an arrangement will rely on the assistance of local Social Services or the Independent Living Fund.