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The so-called Iranian sex tape scandal involves the public outcry and judicial proceedings against Zahra Amir Ebrahimian actress who appeared in the soap opera Nargessand an associate producer, accused of appearing together in an explicit sex tape, allegedly filmed for private consumption with a camcordera serious crime under Iranian law.

The case served as a catalyst to prompt the lower iranian of the Parliament of Iran to pass a bill making the production of sexually explicit media, even for private consumption, an offense punishable by death.

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The tape graphically depicts twenty minutes of sex between a woman and a man in a small room with a narrow bed. Neither of the suspects were named by the Islamic Republic News Agencythe state-run news agency in Tehran.

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The tape was reportedly made insex it only came to prominence in early It has seen wide distribution on DVD and over the internet in Iran. The tape and the publicity surrounding it caused a massive scandal in Iran, such that Iran's fundamentalist clerics have labeled it a "national shame".

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X be stoned to death. One of them, Journey to Hidalou was reviewed for compliance thigh gap banging Islamic law by Javad ShamaqdariIran's deputy culture minister for film. He said that the film was a good one, but could not be released with Ebrahimi in it, and suggested that her scenes video re-shot with a different actress. The film's director, Mojataba Raei, has reportedly refused to re-shoot Ebrahimi's scenes.