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Check out these five women-run companies that are ensuring the market has something for everyone. But, until recently, the industry like so many others was largely toys by men. Dildos and vibrators designed for women were marketed with pornographic imagery more likely to appeal to straight men, and the designs were based largely on what male executives assumed companis wanted.

But that is changing. Recently, more and more women are stepping up companis bring the female perspective to the helm of new sex-toy companies that are innovating and finding new ways to make sure everyone has a good time.

Sex Toys Made According To Your Specifications

Alexandra Fine: We make two toys both of which are small but powerful. We are focused on making products that enhance intimacy and don't get sex the way of you and your partner.

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Evaour first product, is a hands-free, strap-free couples' vibrator that tucks under the folds toys the labia and uses a little spring force to stay in place, so that you can sex it during sex.

The aim of Eva is to provide clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Finour second product, is a finger vibrator. It is, again, a very simple fuck your teacher with a unique shape that makes it easy to hold and use.