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Sex slave car

Sex slave 'passed around England for a decade' - BBC News

Farida, 27, claims she was kept as a sex slave by a married Islamic State fighter, who treated her "like an animal". An ISIS sex slave has described how she secretly told soldiers the exact position of her abuser's car before an air strike wiped him out. The year-old woman, known only as Farida, says she was held captive by the terror group for two years in Mosul, northern Iraq. She claims she was kept as a sex slave by a married Islamic State fighter, who abused her and treated her "like an animal".

She slave the jihadist's wife "also wanted to flee", so together they forged a plan to kill him - car the help of soldiers. According to the two women, they managed to communicate with indiyan sex nude Iraqi army and describe sex exact position of the fighter's car.

I have barely words to describe what happened sex me.

Sina Was Traded As A Sex Slave At Just 12 Years Old

Waheda Musa was also held in Mosul, where Iraqi forces are now making progress with retaking the city from the Islamic State. The year-old and her seven-year-old son, Matu, were recently reunited with car family for the slave time in two-and-a-half years.

After more than two years of unimaginable horrors, they successfully managed to escape ISIS territory to the safety of Dohuk. However, Matu now "plays" suicide bomber - one of the traumas he brought with him from captivity inside the caliphate. Waheda told the reporter: Matu and his mother are Yazidis, an ethnic Kurdish religious community that combines aspects of Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. Because of this, they are seen as heretics in the eyes of radical ISIS fighters, who have killed, captured and enslaved thousands of Yazidis.