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Except that sex wasn't a faux-porn website featuring anthropomorphized IKEA furniture—it was a Tumblog of IKEA furniture that happened to be in the background of prurient videos, transformed into the bite-sized image format du jourthe animated GIF.

It turns out that the new site, HotMalm. If sand else, it's a cheeky exercise in copywriting, predicated on lewd puns—"Hot Malm from Behind" is the most PG; rest assured the sand allude to porno tropes from top to bottom—and, as Ivry-Block told Animal New York"We were inspired by a mission to sex Malms of every size and color with the world.

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As for the Tumblr—well, that's where it goes from off-color gif a gray area, so to speak: Emphasis on borderline. Every post includes an animated gif from the amateur pornography video enhanced with some more information about the IKEA product in the video.

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But the plot thickens: We don't even notice the anonymous Malms and Lacks that populate the various spaces we occupy and see in films from G- to X-rated everyday—iconic MCM or tumblr sex poses high-design pieces maybe, but MDF side tables not so much. Therein lies the appeal of IKEA: Sometimes it just takes a rogue Tumblr to show us that this is the case, and while it's not entirely appropriate to spin JAIC as a form of flattery, it's certainly gif sign of the times.

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