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Sex positions funny

25+ Best Sex Position Memes | Yes Lawd Memes, Best Sex Memes

By DeoxyriboMarch 15, in Off Topic. You're hitting it from behind and then you're about to stick in the wrong hole when she looks around and makes a high pitched Uh-Uh Uh-Uh.

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You're hitting it from behind and are about to finish. You spit on her back to make it seem like you've come, then when she looks around you surprise her and hit her right in the face. Funny, I thought the dolphin was when you took your sex off and she no longer wanted to have sex with you. Its simple, when you come you come around her neck and it makes it look like shes wearing a pearl necklace.

The act of pooping positions a tube funny then running at your victim twirling the sock above your head in a circular, battle ready motion, and striking your victim or his mother in some definitions in the head or body.


If done correctly the fecal matter will splatter about the victim covering him or her in a brown and smelly but semi artistic blotch not unlike funny contemporary paintings in museums worldwide. Screaming Seagull - While doing her on the beach, pull out, dip the tip of your dick in the sand, and then go right back at it. She'll scream like a Pelican. You shit on her chest, then titty-fuck her. If done correctly it sex closely resembles a chili dog.

4 Fun Sex Positions You Can't Do Without Laughing

The Rambo - shoot a load from across the room onto an asian hooker who tried to rob you but ran out of ammo. Bucking Bronco- While fucking doggystyle whisper in her ear either her sisters name or "I have aids" and hang on. You cum goan fucking pic her mouth and then punch her in the stomach so she blows it out her nose.