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A movie doesn't always need a full-on sex scene to be hot as hell — sometimes, all it takes is a good make-out.

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From Spider-Man sex The Notebookhere are 30 of the sexiest kiss in movie history. Rent or Buy It Here. They had a beautiful romance, and then she couldn't even make room for him on that damn piece of wood.

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There are a lot of steamy scenes to choose from in Fifty Shadesbut this elevator make-out scene is pretty damn hot. It's not some gratuitous make-out session. I mean, it was part of our characters' lives, their development.

Buy It Here. Sex Rooney Mara and Carol Cate Blanchett can't resist their movis to each nagi pics teen in this Oscar-nominated drama.

31 Of The Hottest Movie Make-Out Scenes Ever

The make-out scene between Jennifer Megan Fox and Needy Amanda Seyfried is probably the most memorable part of this very kiss movie. Okay, this one's more funny than it is sexy. Watch Will Smith try to act like he's totally not distracted. Was it movis, or was it all in Natalie Portman's head? Whatever this case, her scene with Mila Kunis in this psychological thriller was super steamy. This Oscar-winning movie featured an epic onstage make-out between Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes.