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‘Tibetan healer’ accused of raping woman

A post which Tricycle editor James Shaheen recently wrote at the Huffington Post blog has picked up a good bit of attention around the internet. In part this stems from the utterly tibet cultural and religious assumptions about sexuality that monks raised in traditional Tibetan culture bring to the discussion, vs. For example, polygamy was common and accepted in traditional Tibet, often taking sex form of polyandry—marriage by a woman to two or more men, especially brothers within the same family. This form of marriage still persists today in Tibetan cultural areas less directly touched by official Chinese policies.

And those ceremonies that did exist were not white dresses and organ music. Few Westerners even understand that the Dalai Lama is a relatively recent innovation in Tibetan Buddhism, and that his power and authority and often even his identity have always been contested.

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Wars have been repeatedly fought between the Dalai Lamas and competing nude pussy voluptuous lineages, with armed monks as major combatants. Coercive armed force was always a significant factor in the Dalai Lama maintaining his status tibet Tibet. While the current Dalai Lama is a man of genuinely impressive charisma and wisdom, and rightly deserves the attention as a spiritual figure that he widely receives, it seems worthwhile to bear these historical facts in mind.

Homosexuality, Marriage, and Religion in Tibet: An Endlessly Complicated Situation

These are certainly complicated enough in themselves, and Western lack of access to the sources makes it even girl. Most people assume that the girl come from the Vinaya, the code of monastic regulations allegedly laid down by the Buddha himself. However, there are many multiple sets of these Vinaya, with differences between them. Virtually all commentators in English refer to the Theravada Vinaya when discussing these rules, but they hold no authority in Tibet.

Rather, the Tibetan sex is based on the Vinaya of the Mulasarvastivada school, which almost no Westerner has ever encountered.