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If you're a guitar, bass player, a drummer or singer sex you're in a rock and roll band and you think you're a star, I don't want to talk squirting porno videos sex. Look away.

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I want to talk to the girls. Girls who love musicians. Drummer you're a man, especially a musician.

Music photography in Tokyo, Japan: Little Dynamite Sex & Android Baby

Please go elsewhere and read about guitar effects or something. Girls, between you and I, if you need to choose one out of the band, make sure you choose the right one for you. I know we all like musicians. All of them.

SEX ON FIRE Drums [Cover version] - Ben Woollacott drummer

We like them sweaty, we like them wild. We are healthy girls and we drummer strange men. We like animals in bands. Sexual perversions with musicians is what we all agree on.

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Celibacy is not even contemplated here.