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Survey: 11 Percent of People Have Had Sex While Driving

While the car drives itself, independent porn star Taylor Jackson and her boyfriend get down to business in front of the camera for almost ten minutes. A few weeks later I signed up for a Pornhub account and this video was one of the first few videos I made.

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RadDad76 wrote: Brings a tear to my eye. Tesla has been slowly adding software updates to its cars to make the Autopilot feature more autonomous.

Once enabled, it allows Teslas to keep pace with other cars as well as change lanes and merge with traffic without any input from the driver.

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However, Autopilot is designed to help people drive, not fully take over control. In the Autopilot manual, Tesla reminds customers: The company has also added a prompt for drivers to keep their hands on the wheel sexy greece nude several accidents caused by people who sex the car would drive itself.

Couple film sex scene inside self-driving Tesla Model X

Back in March, jaw-dropping footage emerged showing a Tesla driver fast asleep behind the wheel of his car as it traveled down a busy freeway at 75mph. The unidentified man was pictured snoozing while the dark electric sex drove down an interstate in La Puente, California, using the autopilot feature. And as for Jackson and her boyfriend, they caution against enjoying a quickie in a self-driving car. We did have one scare where I hit the driving wheel and knocked it out of Autopilot mode.

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