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Sex a tampon

Hey, accidents happen to everyone.

Can you have sex with a tampon in?

So what happens if you have sex with the tampon in? Will you be okay, or should you go straight to the emergency room? The answer depends on the severity of your pain. If you aren't hurting much or at all, then this might be one problem you can remedy at home with a little patience and luck. And if this thought is completely freaking jody palmer nude tampon, then consider looking into getting sex menstrual cup so you can avoid the possibility altogether.

This is one mistake that you do not want to make twice. Either way, take a deep breath.

What Happens If You Have Sex With A Tampon In? 9 Things To Know

So if you ever find yourself thinking, "now what" after accidentally getting it on while wearing a tampon, lets these nine facts keep you calm. If you're nervous and tense, this might be easier said than done. But there are a couple of techniques you can try. As Dr. Elizabeth Stewart told Cosmopolitanyou should "lie on your back and reach into your vagina with two clean fingers, feeling for the tampon string.