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Since Selena possessed beautiful looks, a good figure, a good educational background, and business skills, it was normal that many men were rumored to be interested in her.

Selena Li denies dating wealthy heir

Selena was previously in a 5-year relationship with Patrick Tang, in which the pair had numerous breakups and reconciliations. The pair officially ended their relationship in Although there were rumors naked Patrick hoped to reconcile their relationship at the end ofSelena returned to Canada to complete her university degree and officially announced her single status.

Last Friday night, Selena wore full make-up to selena with her new boyfriend and a female friend for a night of fun in theCentral district.

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After dancing and chatting for two hours, Selena was extremely satisfied when she left. After saying hottest women newscasters to her female friend, Selena appeared to be quite alert and walked with her new boyfriend. The pair did not display any intimate behavior. Selena boarded a taxi.

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To prevent being followed, Selena drove very carefully, frequently accelerating and slowing down before reaching her home in Mei Foo Sun Chuen. An eligible woman such as Selena would not remain single for long.