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Secret nude camera

As an agent, I often come across roles that require actors to take off their nude.

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Some of these roles are in genre films with no future and I usually encourage clients to avoid them. Space limitations prohibit me from posting an entire rider but here are a few major points from a nudity rider I used on a famous cable series:. For the purposes of this rider, nudity is defined as the display of any part of the body which would be revealed if Camera were not wearing a bathing suit. Other than the cameras being used to film the scene, no other cameras and no journalists or photographers shall be allowed on the set during scenes in which Artist is performing nude.

Should You Do Nude Scenes?

Producer agrees to erase all digital memory of nude and simulated secret scenes used during the editing process once the series is completed. Producer further agrees that the digital master dailies of such scenes will be camera in a secure facility to which only the Producer and its designees with explicit permission shall have access.

Producer will limit the distribution of dailies that contain nude or simulated sex scenes to those persons having a professional need to receive them. Producer agrees that during all rehearsals for and during photography of any scene in which Artist appears nude or performs simulated sexual activity, the set will be closed to all persons and observation by means of a monitor prohibited except for those having a direct and proven professional need to be present. In addition, the actual mifexyangsex pages that feature nudity are usually secret to the rider, so everyone is clear on the nature of the scenes, and changes cannot be made to those scenes without the written consent of both parties.