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The Metamorphosis by Kafka is an obvious literary model when the Nigerian writer Igoni Barrett lets the main character of his last novel, Furo Wariboko, wake up on the day of his job interview to ass that his skin color has changed: He has turned white.

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His ass, however, remains black, and for this reason, the novel bears the title Blackass. When Furo arrives at the interview, he is pulled past the entire line of black applicants and given the search.

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His skin color is an immediate ticket to a career and success. There is sharp satire and humor in this nuanced portrait of Lagos, its citizens and the identity of skin color. Perceptions of blackness and whiteness are turned inside out. Other world views are also at stake, for instance when the character Igoni Barrett enters the naked breast teens, first as a man and then, after a similar transformation, as a woman.

Kafka’s Black Ass

Barrett black made a mark with two short story collections, but Blackass is his first novel. Search for: Choose a period Fra Til. Numero Unoma.

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