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Female masturbation can often be totally misrepresented in mainstream films sex xxx pakestan TV shows as this sensual, erotic experience because, shocker, most of those scenes are directed with a straight, male audience in mind. But in reality, we scene know the way women masturbate can vary from frantic 'I gotta rub one out asap' to lazy 'I fell asleep with my hands down my pants' solo sex. I've ranted about this a fair bit before, but here are 13 of the best female masturbation scenes in movies that are not all about turning dudes on.

13 best female masturbation scenes from movies and TV

Masterbate last, a show that depicts women with a diverse range of body types masturbating! We are all sexual beings regardless of our bodies! Seriously though, this was and still is a huge deal - kudos C4. Rae, played expertly and beautifully and hilariously by Sharon Rooney experiences her first ever orgasm and guess what, she gives it to herself.

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Unfortunately the scene is nowhere to be girls online, so here's one of her being fingered later on in the series. But her masturbation scene will never be forgotten.

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Why not? All the time! I thought: