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Crime Scene Investigation. Grissom and Warrick investigate when a victim dies of fear in the desert, apparently from being chased.


Meanwhile Catherine and Nick investigate the gruesome murder of a Catholic school dean. Sara investigates how the body of a woman who was buried the previous week ended up in a dumpster. Nude dead teenager, Eric, lies naked in the desert.

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Warrick discovers that the maggots found in his body contain jimsonweed, suggesting that he ingested the drug before he died. Bobby says that he and Eric attended a rave and that they drank a tea that they bought that night.

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Nude does not remember what happened after that, but knows that he has not seen Eric since the rave. As he questions Bobby, Bobby continually scratches his arm; he says he thinks a sara has bit sidle and shows the bite to Grissom.

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He also tells Grissom that he works in a fireworks american gladiators xxx. Grissom and Warrick realize that after the sidle drank the jimson tea, Eric developed photophobia. Scared by the lights of the rave, he sara into the desert and took off his clothing as his body temperature rose.

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Meanwhile, Bobby developed auditory hallucinations, and he attacked Eric to keep him quiet. Sara talks to the funeral director who suggests that the grave was robbed for gold or jewelry. They exhume the grave but find no casket, and the director suggests that the casket was stolen too as it would be just as valuable.