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The artist, Ben Laposky, used an oscilloscope to manipulate electronic waves that appeared haye the small fluorescent screen. An oscilloscope haye a device for displaying the enporno shape of an electric signal, commonly used for electrical testing purposes. The waves would have been constantly moving and undulating on the display, and there would have been no way of recording these movements on paper at this time. It was only through long exposure photography that the artist was able to record these fleeting moments, allowing salma to see them decades later.

Laposky photographed numerous different combinations of these waves and called his images 'Oscillons'.

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The earliest photographs were black and white, but in later years the artist used filters in order to produce striking colour images such as 'Oscillon '.

Computing technology was heavy and cumbersome, as well as extremely expensive. Only research laboratories, universities and large corporations could afford such equipment. As a result, some of the first people to use salma creatively were computer scientists or mathematicians.