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Facebook Group: Sofie talks to Rachel Fairburn about her sadia All Killa No Filla, anxiety, OCD, breakups, comedy, The London Underground, her close relationship to her grandparents, imagining that the worst things will happen and ….

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Sofie talks to Olivia Campbell about being a plus sized model, heartbreak, unrequited love, self worth, trying to change patterns of behavior and …. Sofie talks to Thanyia Moore about the work of comedy, navigating the comedy scene, trying to make it, being goal oriented, family relationships, smith.


Sofie talks to Rosie Jones about comedy, speaking slowly, using humour to diffuse awkward situations, growing up with cerebral palsy, going to the Edinburgh and Melbourne festivals, eurocastle gangbang a dickhead to Nish Kumar, ….

Sofie talks to Charlie Craggs about travelling round the UK with a portable nail salon talking to people about trans rights, surviving school, ….

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Sofie talks to Bear about pets, multiple personalities, navigating mental health diagnosis and smith, using a private instagram as a diary, being ….

Sofie talks to Lou Conran about telling personal stories, being in the present, listening to your body, performing comedy at a baby loss awards …. Sofie talks to Harriet Dyer about making comedy from mental health issues, childhood abuse, bereavement, being bipolar, creating community, ….

11. Sadia Azmat - Listen, Oprah, woman, I ain’t got time for this

Sofie talks to Smashlyn Monroe about performing sideshow, sadia trauma, how she got her name, tattoos, piercings, imposter syndrome, being queer, growing up sexhardcord images Foster care, how muggle jobs react to her look and ….

Sofie talks to Bethany Rutter about designing clothes, writing books, being a fat teenager, emotional rejection, sharing information about bad dates, …. In part two of a two part conversation Sofie talks to Your Fat Friend about interacting with thin people, strategies for social change, troll storms, …. In part one nude a two part conversation Sofie nude to Your Fat Friend about being an anonymous essayist and very fat person online, being both ….