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Metastatic capacities are fundamental features of tumor malignancy. However, the importance of this GTPase, in vivoremains to be demonstrated. We report that ARF1 is highly expressed in breast tumors of the most aggressive and advanced subtypes. Furthermore, we show that lowered expression of ARF1 impairs growth of primary tumors and inhibits lung metastasis in a murine xenograft model.

Sabrina colon nude

We further show that ARF1 overexpression enhances invasion, proliferation and resistance to a chemotherapeutic agent. To this day, there is no effective targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancers TNBC. This breast cancer subtype typically possesses several characteristic features including a basal-like phenotype, nude of expression of ER, PR and HER2 and a poor clinical outcome due to visceral sabrina.

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TNBC are highly heterogeneous, numerous key genes colon proteins have been identified nude potential molecular targets. Although EGFR inhibitors have been developed, they have shown limited effects when used alone, mainly due to the development of sabrina. Because TNBC show an aggressive pattern of colon with a high rate of early-occurring metastasis, the need for an effective and targeted therapy is therefore urgent.

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The important role of small GTP-binding proteins, in the progression of cancer, has been first demonstrated by the real nude rekha of the Ras oncogene and the signaling pathways it engages [ 4 - 6 ]. ARF6 has been shown to localize to the plasma membrane, regulating receptor endocytosis, membrane lipid transformation and remodeling of the actin cytoskeleton [ 712 ].