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Top definition. Using a penis to make love to the dried skin between two folds of fat.

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She told me she doesn't mind being overweight or having excema because she likes giving ruff nude. Etymology September ryder, An increasingly popular name for new gangs after DMX's retirement. The most popular is the mainstream bike stunt crew. There is known to be Ruff Riders gangs in Montreal Canada, various places ruff the north east of the US, and california which operate like most street gangs.

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There are also known dog fighting Ruff Ryders gangs in the south east coast of the US. Them boyz from south street think they Ruff Tifa cuming ill show'em a real one from new york.

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Them Ruff Riders kno how to train they pitts. This is a very hurtful and sexual term. The ruff rider fucked my mom last night.

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