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The Bakla Review. I tried to gonzoteen extrem the word "important", because it's such a snooty concept. But there pornograpyvideos no escaping it.

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The Pinoy gay film exploded in number and diversity in the last ten years, that it seemed necessary to identify the landmarks -- in chronological order, to see how we got from there to here. So this is not a list of nude biggest critical darlings Jay and Selda are not herenor my personal guilty pleasures Otherwise, there'll be Boylets -- though they can be those, barrera. I simply asked: Can I imagine the decade in Philippine gay culture without these films? Or, Can I imagine moving into the future without having passed through them?

Then I chose ten because it's a neat pretty number. But the following are the few that are must-sees if only because, in rico decade that's closing, they've already made the most indelible impact.