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Retro girl gif

So, of course, the music video has more memorable moments than time we need to pick our jaws up off the floor.

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Here are eight truly perfect GIFs that will loop until you finally tire gif seeing Normani absolutely freak images girl sexxx eternity? This is how you walk up to the spot when you know you are that girl. Basic rules of decorum do not apply to you, only the laws of rhythm.

Retro is literally bending over backward for this man, as graceful as a mermaid, putting her all-white fit girl the asphalt, and when she rolls around, perfect arch.

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When it turns out he already has a girl, Normani is unbothered. A gracious queen.

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Chain-linked twerk, if you will. The laws of physics and logic also do not apply to her. The man who gets hit by the presumably CGI, right?

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I said what I said. This is peak romance.

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And look at her smile! A GIF for truly any and every purpose.