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Patrick Bateman gets all the credit for being the chief maniac of this novel, which is a anal nubile injustice to Evelyn.

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When the second Mrs. Danvers does everything in her power to destroy the marriage: Tricking the second Mrs.

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You may know the Marquise de Merteuil better from her equivalent character in Cruel Intentionsthe version of Les Liasons Dangereuses updated for the s. In both versions, Ms. Merteuil schemes, manipulates, and enjoys the downfall of the young woman whose virginity she toys with.

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As plain old Mrs. Nirdlinger in the book, however, she is no less nasty. In fact, it is implied that she killed children in James M.

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In both versions, however, Phyllis is the ultimate blonde bitch who will step over any man to get at cold, hard cash. A truly twentieth-century heroine.

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