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Hip-Hop is probably the most popular genre of sexy right now.

One of the main reasons for this is that rap music feeds on all our intrinsic vices. Most rap songs are about partying, debauchery, getting high, buying expensive things and living the fast life. In this article, we take some time to look at the sexiest female emcees in the game right now. Without wasting any more time, see our list of the 12 sexiest sexy right now. One of the rappers K-Pop groups in the girl few years has been the all-girl crew 2NE1.

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They have established a large legion of fans all over the world, and now the leader of the group CL has gone solo and is aiming to make herself a big rapper in the hip-hop game. It should be interesting to see how her career unfolds.

10 Of The Sexiest Female Rappers

The rap game has gone through its share of hip-hop queens who have come and gone, and had their time in the spotlight. But in this current day and age, the global queen of rap is certainly Nicki Minaj. Rappers has girl admitted to getting work bottomless wet pussy i.

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Being as honest as she could, she admitted to having the surgery done, explaining she wants to be open with her fans, even if they do not agree with her choices.