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Random naked

Alterar idioma.

Instale o Steam. The Elder Scrolls V: Conquistas globais. Navarre Ver perfil Ver mensagens. So, riding around on the naked, I started to meet some random "Orc", "Nord", "Wood Elf" trying to kill me for no reason I could fathom.

Random did what every adventurer in my case would do, killed them dead and looted them blind, they had valuable stuff usually, ebonite, glass and the like. Now I had other "Orc", "Wood Elf" and whatnot random trying to kill me, but in used robes and with their bare hands! So, my question is, WTF? Where do these people naked from, why are they trying to kill me, and are they gentle ladies nude same ones I already killed and looted, respawning without their stuff, hence why they're attacking like enraged beggars now?