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Anatomy of fetal rabbit gonads and the sexing of fetal rabbits.

When they were young, they took the huge boobes and female rabbit out of their separate cages and set them in the bright wet spring grass. The rabbits, young as well, were uneasy. In the circle of three children they sat twitchy and still. It was warm and the sun shone and the parents were indoors watching television. It was the latest—and best—in a series of experiments involving neighborhood animals and tube pets.

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Ricky was the youngest at ten. The stick had been his idea. He grew vocally restless.

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Gem, twelve, made a sign for him to be patient, but changed her mind. She lifted Furfur Rabbit and dangled rabbit in the air sex Sally Rabbit, then dropped him from a near height onto her lower back.

He was still for a moment, looking around, nose twitching.