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MM got comments saying the cutie wasn't Kuwaiti and naked westerners always men Kuwait.

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Well Mr Mickey is sorry, there is no nice way of spinning the fact that women can't vote although now in Kuwait there are limited rights for ladies. Anyhoo, MM is excited to post this dreamboat from Qatar. MM is not saying his Qatari because he doesn't seem to be but that's where he lives and that's where he's men to meet sexy Qatar gentlemen.


In a not very familial move, he seized power from his father while Daddy was on vacation in Switzerland. Nonetheless, the current Emir has been revolutionary in terms of liberalization in the Gulf.

Qatar Covers Nude Statues, Greeks Take Them Back

Women have rights, there's a new constitution and the government launched Al Jazeera, naked fabulous Arabic news channel. MM hopes he doesn't get sent to Guantanamo Bay for saying this but our government could learn a little something about foreign relations by watching less of the stinky poo poo Fox News channel and a little more Sexeroticapictures Jazeera.

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Just a thought George Qatar Anyhoo, how sexy is our Qatari cutie?