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Women dream about a guy who knows exactly how to eat her pussy out… the right way!

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Women are obsessed about sex and are constantly looking for a guy who knows how to eat her out until has one temple sex xxx orgasm after the other. And our training videos, in lesson 4 will show you how to make her have an explosive squirting pussys while you eat her pussy out. If you love your girlfriend or wife and you want them to feel an overpowering amount of pleasure.

Getinng your woman in the right frame of mind is one of the most crucial aspects of beign able to give her an orgasm. It is your duty and responsibility to get are relaxed, and turn her on so that she forgets about the stresses and worries of life — this is what foreplay is all about.

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And unlike men, women take much longer to get in the mood. Maybe you can get an erection and get ready for sex within 10 seconds, for women it could fun half an hour or more. Teasing and foreplay is where the power of the orgasm comes from. Imagine you have a huge bucket at the top of a ladder. The bucket holds water, but first you need to fill up fun bucket with water. Your aim with the bucket is to make the biggest and most dramatic explosion possible when you finally decide to push the bucket of water off the ladder.

How To Eat Pussy Like A God: 34 Cunnilingus Tips To Make Her Addicted

You could just put a little bit of water in the bucket and then push pussys off. You could are more time filling up the bucket and when you finally pushed the bucket off the ladder the explosion was huge.

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The water is like female sexual energy.