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Power Girl Cosplay by Cara Nicole

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She was just an infant powergirl her parents facilitated her escape from the destruction of her home planet by putting her onboard a rocket ship. Despite the fact that she left Krypton around the same time as Superman, but, powergirl ship took a lot longer to reach Earth-Two, and later created a separate identity for herself from her other counterpart Supergirl after they are compelled to coexist.

Despite biologically being the same person, Power Girl comes across as older, more mature and more level headed version of Supergirl, with a deadlier fighting style. She also picks up a different secret identity from her cosplay. The changes are visible in the form of different costumes and superhero names.

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Power Girl has a bob of blond hair and wears a peculiar white, red and blue costume that reveals a lot of her cleavage.