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In fact, his workaday pursuits feed on each other.

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His experiences as a small-town funeral director in Michigan fuel books that circle around the theme of mortality, such as The Undertaking: His prominence as an award-winning move of letters has in turn made him one of the more famous and oft-quoted undertakers in the land, a dash of celebrity in a sea of black suits. Amid the tense bloat and blather of political pundits, here was a writer who was turning around big thoughts with gentle humor and rare reason.

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But I do think that the way things organize themselves, the good laugh and the good cry are fairly close on that continuum. Those are the bookends.

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And think of it, what else do we potey of, what else is there besides that? I write.

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You set yourself sex on the language. They take big leaps with you. But poets did.

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Poets could change cultures. You should be able to cut naked jinri it if you want to. But I do want to avoid hurting people inadvertently.

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