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A Russian court has convicted a year-old woman of illegally spreading pornography online, handing down porntorrents two-year suspended sentence. With that sentence, though, the Russian court inadvertently highlighted the difference between Russian and Porntorrents punishment for downloading pornography from the Internet.

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Several companies located throughout California and Arizona have made headlines for essentially intimidating individuals into paying large fines without proving that the Internet users in question committed any porntorrents.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, told an NBC affiliate that Malibu Media accused him of illegally downloading and sharing copyrighted pornographic material from its website. The married father and active church member could either settle for a less intimidating figure or fight the charges, porntorrents which point his name would be publicly attached to a federal lawsuit creating at least the suspicion that he downloaded porn. They made me feel like I was breaking the law.

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Yet the case is a reminder of pussy lips circumsize often this kind of copyright trolling happens. The issue has become so prevalent throughout California, home to the porn industry, that judges have introduced sanctions on individual lawyers who have become known exclusively for representing shady porn creators.

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Judges have gone so far as to ask lawyers flat-out why they continue to use the tactic that the Recording Industry Association of America abandoned after porntorrents slew of bad publicity. But the legal ground they established was picked up by people without reputations to protect.