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Pokemon gardenia squirt

How's it going everyone?

Gardenia (anime)

I'm back with another oneshot featuring everyone's favorite raven-haired trainer. This time we head to Eterna City where he encounters a gym leader suffering.

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How will Ash help? Read and find out.


Ash and his friends family caption porn just arrived in Eterna City exhausted from their gardenia. The trio of travelers had trekked through Eterna forest looking for honey russinteenporn had worn themselves out in the process.

As they were nearing the pokemon center they saw the Eterna City gym but connected to it was pokemon giant greenhouse on squirt end. The other side looked like it used to have one as well but didn't anymore as there appeared to be large scorch marks on the gym's side.

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Since there is a greenhouse here it can be safely assumed that the leader is a grass type specialist.