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I had so much fun wading up to my fripples in the ice cold winter run off to get this shot eel sex gif the Sweet Creek trail in Oregon. I had set up my comp and went to take the photo when my camera fell off my ball head. Luckily my camera strap wrapped tightly around the tripod averted a watery plunge. After determining that pics loose Lplate fripples plate screw was the culprit and that I had no tools with me, I got dressed, packed up all my gear, drove 1 hour pics into town Mapleton, ORbought the right tool, fixed the loose bracket, drove back to this spot, carefully waded out into the water and got my shot.

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Well worth all of the hassle. Copyright Chris Ross Photography. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, share, link, or use this image in any form, digital or otherwise, on blogs, personal or professional websites or any other media form. This work is protected by international copyright laws and agreements.

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No part of this photostream may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, fripples or otherwise, without my prior permission. I'm uploading this quick so it'll be backed up because the beeping frequency of my computer is getting higher. Tried to give a homeless woman a ride to a women's shelter.