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Some guidance and a few pose suggestions will go along way toward ensuring the pictures turn out great. Click here for more photo poses for girls. I always tell people photo feldt grace nude best way to get really great photos is to hire a pro.

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Photo pose 1: Basic standing pose, hands in pockets. Standing poses are great!

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There are two main things to remember. First, your subject will generally look more natural and relaxed if most of his weight is on one foot with the other leg slightly bent. If he stands with both legs straight and his weight centered between them he may look stiff. I like the look of one hand in a pocket:.

10 easy photo poses for boys to help you take great pictures

Both hands in pockets can pose too. Note that the weight is shifted to one leg in the photos below:. This is generally a flattering angle because it teen the face and makes the eyes look a little bigger.