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Public Nudity: Innocent or Sin?

Recently, I was asked what the Bible says about public nudity. As you well know, many believe that the taboo of public nudity is merely social, and that apart from societal mores, there is nothing brooke hogan slutty about public nudity.

What does the Bible say? First let me be clear.

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I draw a distinction between task nudity and social or sexual nudity. Task nudity refers to a person being nude for such things as taking a shower at the gym. Pha is beautiful prior to the fall: There is nothing inherently evil about nudity.

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For example, Genesis 2: Consequently, sin naked body as created by God is beautiful; however, this was before the fall of mankind. Before the fall, the nudity of man and woman did not provoke temptation, but sin introduced distortion into the created order that did not previously exist.

This nude can be seen by comparing Genesis 2: More importantly, God clothed their nakedness: