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Penis strangulation

Penile strangulation by metal ring is a rare urological emergency situation which requires urgent decompression of the penis to avoid adverse effect. But sometimes, cutting of the ring to decompress the penis safely is a very difficult task particularly when the strangulating object is a hard metal object as in our case.

Penile injury

Here, we present a case which was managed by cutting in strangulation novel way with the help of dental micromotor with wheel shape bur. Entrapment strangulation strangulation of the penis is usually associated with an attempt to improve sexual act by maintaining a prolonged erection. It is a rare condition but requires urgent intervention and treatment. The objects which are usually used by adults and adolescents for penile entrapments are rings, nuts, bottles, sockets, or pipes.

An effective treatment for penile strangulation

However, in strangulation, it is usually accidental with typical objects such as rubber bands, penis, or hair. Supermodel teen young year-old gentleman presented to our urology outpatient department with 2 days history of insertion of an iron ring into his penis.

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He further revealed that it was put by himself with an expectation to increase the hardness of his penis for better sexual pleasure, and he manipulated at home to remove without success. On examination, an edematous and swollen penis was found with a thick and hard metal iron ring wheel bearing at penis base of it [ Figure 1 ].

Penile strangulation: A study of fifteen cases. - - Deposit for Medical Articles

Other physical examinations were normal. All maneuvers such as pulling out, sliding to remove the ring penis lubrication, and cutting by hacksaw were unsuccessful. The skin entrapped underneath was protected by a metal blade to avoid injury.